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They basically confirm that the reports are true and in all three cases (3 confirmations of speculations) they add some excuse to distract from the admission.Here is the post from Microsoft for those who want to swallow all the spin.One Linux/BSD site called it “one more reason not to use Skype”.To quote: “Even though Skype for Linux is unlike most applications available on any Linux installation, that is, it is a proprietary application, it has long been a popular chat and Vo IP application for many users, not for free software purists, but for those that do not care about the core philosophies of free software.For those who at least wish to know the facts about Skype privacy, all of this is relevant.

“I am gutted,” wrote one woman; another posted about having a “mental breakdown” upon hearing the news.The key word is temporarily as they are never hosted on their servers for that long.They will of course respond to legitimate law enforcement requests whenever possible in regards to instant messages.The data that’s transferred during calls (audio and video) are only passed between the two Skype clients and never through their servers. The first is that more inter-communication is being moved to Microsoft servers, just after Microsoft took over (it doesn’t matter when it was first planned).Microsoft also admits that it is giving authorities access to Skype communications.

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