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Evangelical groups have explicitly targeted the US military in order to establish a base from which they can convert the US government and the rest of the world.

For example, the Officers Christian Fellowship, with 15,000 members and active in 80% of military bases, has a vision of a spiritually transformed military, with ambassadors for Christ in uniform.

I also thought this song was true to RV's aesthetic minus "the crack" is what I called it.

Although I love the song and mv for Dumb Dumb I do think the mv is all over the place.

You can then take a walk through our corn maze, visit the sand boxes and toy area, there is never a dull moment for the kids.

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Come on down and let the kids ride on our wooden train, drive the monstertruck or "swing" away in the castle.The military allowed two civilian missionaries to be embedded with US troops in Afghanistan so they could evangelize Afghans.Religious discrimination against non-evangelicals is also rife in the US military.Military regulations bar religious discrimination and promote religious equal opportunity, but the regulations are often ignored or neglected by commanders and frustrated by the broken military complaint system.Military sponsorship of evangelical concerts and rallies, religion-specific public prayer by military chaplains at events with mandatory attendance, privileged access for evangelical missionaries, superior officers evangelizing their subordinates, chaplains evangelizing outside of worship services, and toleration of discrimination against non-Evangelicals are all an immoral and unconstitutional establishment of religion by government authority.

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