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You can support Sissy Kiss by letting them know you found Romantasy through Sissy Kiss.~ Christie Luv Have any other sissybabies experienced, or have any Mommies used diapers as a means of controlling baby's chastity?

Of course, it goes without saying that babies should not be playing with our wittle wee-wees or cwitties.

Dean, a late bloomer and Castiel, an Alpha, are childhood friends growing up in the deep south.

The two boys have helped each other through tough times, and harbor their own secrets, that if acted upon, could get them killed.

Before the final hours of his death he made his lover Jensen promise to live the apple pie life. ” * * * * * * * * * (In which Dean finds himself at a wedding as Jo's fake boyfriend against his will, groaning and complaining the whole time, but still trying to appear all handsome and perfect and utterly in love since he's an awesome friend like that (and since Jo would make his life a living hell otherwise).

Well Jensen did for a short while, even popping out a baby, who is now 3 years old before his relationship was ruined by demons who killed his boyfriend. And just when he begins to think that it won't be so bad to eat tons of free food and let his daughter Emma enjoy the festivity his gaze suddenly meets the two bluest eyes in existence and the world stops to move for a moment. In the little cavity along the lane, Gabriel, Mighty Messenger of God, discovers a human child.

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After 7 years in hell, by some unknown higher power, Dean is back. His only worry is if Dean will accept his little boy, Jayden, into his life? Just borrowing names and faces for fan fic purposes only :)CHAPTER 7 IS UP! NEVER MESS WITH DADDY AND PAPAS GIRL OR FACE THEIR WRATH.. I'm still not sure what season of Supernatural I'm going to start in. Luckily, Gabriel knows a pair of goofballs who need the extra set of hands. Dean Winchester needs to paint his daughter's bedroom.Anna looks at him sympathetically from her spot beside him. I’m 28 years old and already divorced.” He wishes he didn’t sound so bitter.“You guys were just kids,” she murmurs, and the pity in her voice irks Castiel. It would help, maybe, if he felt less like a giant cliché, a walking billboard that said Dean was killed by hellhounds, he spent 7 years in hell.His feelings really bubble to the surface as he watches his Father and Dean prepare for their upcoming baby's arrival.It's up to Dean and Castiel to help Jack understand where he truly belongs.

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