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If you’re not really suffering from any medical conditions and still have a hard time keeping it hard, there are ways to keep it up and raring to go when you need it most. But when it goes limp, no matter how hard you try, it can be the cause for some serious psychological concern.When you spend too much time pondering over over how erect you are, you’d kill the fun which will in turn kill your erection. When you can’t hold on to a long erection, it’ll definitely leave both of you upset. Always ensure that bad sex is not getting in the way of good love. Smoking destroys your lungs which in turn affect the amount of oxygen your lungs can absorb, which increases the fatigue in your muscles and leaves you tired all the time. When you have an active lifestyle, your body will come back alive because it would be loaded with happy hormones that get activated when you interact with others. The longer a man stays away from flirting, the more his testosterone drops.The more oxygen in your body, the easier it will be for that all important muscle to function down there. Masturbation can be good to control the problem of premature ejaculation, but it’s not good if you want to keep it hard for a long time. Keep your libido on a high by indulging in a bit of flirty talk now and then and you’ll always enjoy sex. You may have heard that changing positions can be more fun.First of all, do you get an erection when you feel horny?

Choose your favorite category and make your deepest sexually dreams come true. Unbelievable perky blondies or unforgettable raunchy brunette xxx chicks in HD porn – click and enjoy their bubble butts and seductive moanings.

[Read: Top 50 kinky sexy ideas to try in bed] #3 Be comfortable in bed.

Don’t carry your own weight on your arms for too long when you’re on top of her. Your girl may be the sexiest thing alive, but unless you create new ways to enjoy each other in bed, one of you may get bored which will eventually lead to you feeling less satisfied and less horny. This is something most guys don’t know and don’t care to know. You may think it’s pointless, but by indulging in foreplay for 15 minutes before penetration, your little guy would get more time to warm himself up for the act.

[Read: The beginners guide to sexual role playing] #6 Don’t concentrate on your little head. A good cardio workout makes you feel fit and healthy, and it greatly improves your flexibility and blood circulation. And the increased blood circulation would ensure that your boneless buddy would be upright and hard for a long time.

Instead, just focus on satisfying and pleasuring your partner. It helps increase the oxygen in your blood flow and also calm you down when you’re stressed. [Read: Guide to dressing for sex] #10 Quit smoking if you can.

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