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The photos should explain it all quite clearly – PAFs, hangtags, near-mint condition… Family owned since new, this 175D was brought to us by the son of the fellow who bought the guitar (and a matching amp) back in the late 1950’s.

It had been stored “under the stairs” for the last many years until migrating over to Folkway earlier this week, and before that was played and enjoyed by a man who took great care of his belongings.

There have been no repairs or alterations to it with the exception of replaced pickups.

Currently the guitar is fitted with Fender 57/62 Strat pickups, which sound perfectly Stratty and meaty.

All the other electrical components are original and untouched.His guitars are continually the finest we encounter, both in craftsmanship and tone, and we are especially honored to present his latest Archtop for sale here at Folkway. This 16” cut-away beauty is carved from highly figured Hawaiian Koa and master-grade Sitka spruce.Hand carved ebony bridge, tailpiece, and pickguard; matching curly Koa neck.The finish is in excellent condition as well, but with a spot of buckle rash on the back, and a small case-rash on the treble horn. Frets show light to moderate even wear but are quite useable, and the in-shop set up feels just right.Weiging in a 7lbs, 4oz, this is a perfectly balanced lightweight guitar.

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