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It is so nice to hear that it is ok NOT to want a romantic relationship. Today's society still considers a woman who likes living alone to be weird.Most of the time, it's because of experience - been there done that, don't want it anymore.I would suggest parents give this book to their young daughters and sons. It's very inclusive, whether someone prefers to live alone & not be in a couple but have close friends, whether they are married or looking for a mate or they're leading/interested in a fairly creative relational life.Don't agree with all of her advice, but she says that it's what she's learned from her life & may not be true for everyone.The 3 minute songs and the hour long movies show these excessively romantic ideologies which we then perceive as possible and applicable to our lives.Our lives however, are much more complicated than a 3 minute song.-She includes, questions from her fans and followers, granting wisdom in a funny, interesting way, encouraging readers to do what's best for them, also making them aware of the draw backs of certain decisions.

Wish I had this book to read when I turned 21 years old!

It was announced she resigned, despite contrary reports revealing she was fired.

Regardless, the former director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison in Donald Trump's administration was getting slammed on daytime TV on Thursday!

This is a must read for anyone who has had or is getting involved in a relationship (which is the entire planet). I wish I had read this book 40 yrs ago and before I wasted 20 yrs on looking for a man to make me happy, before I figured out that I love being single.

It could have saved me (and them) alot of time, energy and pain until I figured this out.

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