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The first being The Ship And Whale in Gulliver Street in Rotherhithe.

It was a traditional pub with a pool room, disco room and an outside bar and garden.

The Biograph was owned for a time by the boxer Henry Cooper.

I met my first partner in the Biogrope as it was affectionately called.

Hi my name is Stephen and I stumbled upon your web site by chance having trying to find some information on Mrs Shufflewick whom I used to see regularly at the Black Cap and Vauxhall.

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I worked in the Colt at 6 Berwick Street early 1981 until late 1982.

It was a fun time and a very exciting place for a young guy in his mid twenties to find himself.

We had a cinema in the basement and I had to change the reels when the old reel had finished, not that anyone was watching the films, the cinema was bursting most nights and among the punters were many good looking guys, occasionally I would get off with one myself , I would even lock the shop up for 10 mins while I went in the toilet behind the counter !

At 0200hrs when the place closed there was some serious cruising in the car park next door and an old dis-used warehouse behind the car park.

My first date with my now partner of 26years was at this venue so it still holds special memories.

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