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A major problem with the Unites States’ view of North Korea is the tendency to caricature its leader, Kim Jong Un.

“This is a real leader that we need to take seriously,” said David Kang, director of USC…

“What you thought up and what you did,” he said, “was wonderful.” View a video of the event on USC Dornsife's You Tube channel.

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Senior Jamie Kwong was with her mother, waiting in line at a restaurant to order lunch, when she got some big news via email.

While Kwong described herself as “speechless” in that moment, her mother burst into…

Known for his flippant remarks and being a master of improvisation, Berman gently poked fun at MPW students before offering a warm smile as if to say, “Don’t take what I say “There was something I came here to do but seeing as wonderful as your work was I’m going to cut it out,” Berman said, settling onto a chair.

“I really loved watching you people do comedy.” In his classic sit-down comedic style, Berman held his fist to his ear, falling into his one-act monologue “Father and Son.” The comedian’s fluid transformation from speaking the part of himself as an adolescent to becoming his father Nate, a Jewish deli owner, was marked by the sudden onset of a thick Yiddish accent.

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Storytellers in USC Dornsife’s Master of Professional Writing (MPW) program would, and they did August 4 in an event called, “Funny But True.” The night marked the culmination of a five-week course taught by Prince Gomolvilas, who teaches writing for stage and screen in MPW.As widespread concerns about hacking, the spread of fake news and manipulation by foreign powers such as Russia spur lawmakers to call for stricter regulation of social media platforms, Americans are raising questions about…Two USC Dornsife scientists have been elected fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, an honor awarded to AAAS members by their peers.Mind you we were still in that stage of our relationship where everything that came out of my mouth was a lie.” As Silverberg and seven other MPW students told their tales, Berman applauded and laughed.Then he approached the microphone and took the place where he is most comfortable: under the spotlight.

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