Sovereign grace dating

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Intimacy—romantic or otherwise—is a beautiful and precious gift God has given to his children.

But like so many of God’s good gifts, because of our sin, intimacy is also very dangerous.

Nothing else can protect us from diving in too quickly or jumping ship when things get hard.

Nothing else can stand out enough from the world around us to say something significant about Jesus.

Some of us have tried dating and been burned—confusion, rejections, sexual failure, breakups, or whatever else plagues our relationships.

With all the pain, failure, and friction, it simply can’t be worth it, can it?

Some of a single person’s darkest days fall after a breakup. Now, you’re back at square one in the quest for marriage, and it feels lonelier than square one, and further from the altar because of all you’ve spent and lost.

Things have changed over time, so we think we need new advice.

Marriage seemed like the answer for a while—a few years, a few months, a few minutes even—then it fell short.

It left them wanting, even demanding, more from marriage, not seeing that their demands were too much for marriage.

Lots of not-yet-married people need to be reminded that marriage is spectacular and needed in our society, and that’s because it belongs to God.

The beauty of marriage far surpasses the functional, social, relational, and, yes, even the sexual benefits.

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