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Overall the movie fails to notice the other similarities between the werewolf myth and adolescence, at least not to the same extent as "Ginger Snaps" or even "Teen Wolf".

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Nobody else on the cast really stands out, although everyone is competent.

Many adults also experienced being "grounded for life" for violating a curfew.

Adhering to a curfew is one of the first ways many people learned to handle the responsibilities that go along with freedom.

Tony's girlfriend is played by Yvonne Lime, who was actually dating Elvis while this movie was being made (how cool can you get? The notable writing team here, although originally credited as "Ralph Thornton", were in fact Herman Cohen and Aben Kandel who also wrote the sequels "I Was A Teenage Frankenstein" and "How To Make A Monster", then credited as Kenneth Langtry.

Aben Kandel also did some earlier uncredited work on the "Werewolf Of London" screenplay.

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