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It must be very fulfilling that you can help so many people in such a positive way. You changed my life, got it headed in the right direction.That is my goal in life as well, to help those in this lifetime become better people. First of all I want to thank you for being so honest.

Indeed, my little girl, Annika, now 15 years old, was born by emergency c-section a few weeks early, because I had developed an acute appendicitis. My husband is Norwegian, so we try to visit his family at least once a year.I was amazed because all I gave you was his name and I didn’t mention anything else. Most important, she’s a delightful, upbeat spirit with a big heart. She’s performed readings for us, and the information has proven to be uncannily accurate and helpful.You confirmed things that I had a feeling were true, but had no concrete proof other than the text that I found from another girl; however he tried to explain that there was nothing to that text. Let me give you several examples: When I was pregnant with my fourth child who is now seventeen, I asked Kim what sex it’d be and if it would have any birth defects.I am now on a dating site and, although I do not know if I’ll find my “Mr. I look forward to listening to the recording as there was so much I keep recalling. I discovered Kim on an Edgar Cayce website and immediately purchased her book.Because of the connection I felt with her through her book, I signed up for a group session on a Psychic Saturday. It is through her gifts, talents, and abilities I receive confirmation on a critical issue in my life and received news on a new topic that brought peace to my heart.

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