Who is coach from survivor dating

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All these years later, it sends her hurtling back to the rape examination at Salem Hospital, the police interview, having to tell her boyfriend and mother, and the whispers, guilt and shame.

For years, she's been hung up on that three-word hook -- "a bad choice" -- as if violating her body was like knocking on the wrong door in the right neighborhood. She'd told investigators the men stood around, watching it happen and cheering the others on. "I get sick of reading articles about how great a guy the coach is." That coach is Mike Riley. Tracy's report to police and the ensuing investigation led newscasts, raised questions and divided public sentiment when it occurred 16 years ago.

Tracy knew Dandridge as an acquaintance from a local nightclub.

She remembered looking up at one point, asking him to make it stop.

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Two Oregon State football players, defensive back Calvin Carlyle, then 18, and running back Jason Dandridge, then 20, were named as suspects in the report."I'd decided I was going to kill myself," she said.She emailed me a few days earlier, up late one night, unable to sleep.Everyone agreed that gin, orange juice, video games and a quiet late-night gathering at Carlyle's No.3 apartment on Northwest 20th Street ended up with Tracy naked, in various degrees of consciousness, on the living room floor.

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