Who is ifani dating euopean dating

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Johannesburg - She may deny getting it on with another woman's bae, but it seems there's only one man in Fifi's life.

Born in Mthatha and raised in the Port Elizabeth locations of New Brighton and Motherwell, i Fani today is known as the hilarious, witty, punchline-master and overall creative MC from the Eastern Cape. As a University of Cape Town BSc (Hons) Computer Science & BSc (Computer Engineering) graduate, i Fani started off in the corporate world where music was something he did on the side.Ifani does not only support idea but he went on to twitter to encourage men to also look for female blessers. This statement raised our eyebrows and we have only one question in our minds, which is, “Are you speaking from experience i Fani? The “blesser” phenomenon has gone viral, with many young women looking for men to sponsor their expensive lifestyles.But i Fani suggests equality and says there’s nothing wrong with men who have female blessers. Let's just say, as long as you got the life that you want.. I can't say that I've got this cause I got this your way, Running around in these streets pretending that I'm okay And I used to say [Chorus] Baba, jonga lonke Ixesha (x2) Jonga Ixesha (x2) Jonga Lonke ixesha Jonga ixesha (x2) Jonga lonke ixesha (Jonga x10) (Ifani) what buw'thini?

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