Define mandating

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This framework is currently being adapted for global use.

There is no single intervention strategy that addresses all instances of vaccine hesitancy.

Addressing vaccine hesitancy requires an understanding of the magnitude and setting of the problem, diagnosis of the root causes, tailored evidence-based strategies to address the causes, monitoring and evaluation to determine the impact of the intervention and whether vaccine acceptance has improved, and ongoing monitoring for possible recurrence of the problem.

When addressing vaccine hesitancy, it must be noted that there are many determinants of vaccine hesitancy.

The physician’s duty to keep patient information confidential dates back at least to the earliest codes of medical ethics.In the medical field, confidentiality even dates back to the Hippocratic Oath, but there are many updated versions of confidentiality, defined by various medical associations around the word.Recent years have muddied our understanding of medical confidentiality.In addition National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups (NITAGs) may be a valuable resource to address vaccine hesitancy and should give consideration to issues of vaccine hesitancy in their country.Based on the recommendations of the SAGE Working Group, efforts are now underway to define and develop any additional tools to help understand and develop interventions on hesitancy.

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