Updating jdbc drivers windows sqlserver 2016 sp4

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Thanks in advance, Paulo Costa Hi Paulo, We are experiencing the same problem. A workaround could be to use directly the column indexes, but even with the latest patch, this bug is still present. Java/Oracle thin driver SQL statement limit Hello folks, I have a jsp using the thin oracle drivers. I can v...oracle jdbc driver version vs database version I always thought that, for avoiding communication problems, the Oracle JDBC Driver version should match the Oracle Database version (at least the first 2 digits). It looks like the problem is around the way in which the date is formatted. You might want to review the steps outlined in Oracle's documentation.

I need to add a query for a large table (70 something columns... The error that is being shown is "Invalid Column Name". On Wed, -0700, ofilha interested us by writing: .... Specifically, chapter 2 of the "JDBC Developer's Guide and Reference" (found under the Oracle9i Database documentation) provides a comprehensive set of info, including sample program and hints about setting up.

If I use the parameter directly in the query like this, it works: Prepared Statement ...problem inserting CLOB into oracle via JDBC thin driver through websphere Hi Folks, I'm looking for information regarding insertion of a CLOB into an Oracle 9.2.x server using JDBC thin client that gets it's connection via Websphere 5.1.1.x's datasource. That being said, you should see whether Web Sphere's object implements that call.

I have attempted using CLOB.create Temporary(), but the connection object that websphere gives me can't be cast to an Oracle Connection. Check Web Sphere's documents and search for "create Temporary".

Java does *not* search the current directory for class files unless your CLASSPATH contains it.

Daniel of no use Silly question, and no insult intended: do you alter the CLASSPATH for the environment? Or - as I have seen some do - with the environment up, set the CLASSPATH in the environment variables, without restarting the IDE.

Thanks for your help Tony javaaddpath(' T:\tmp\ojdbc6.jar') conn = database(' TESTDB', 'testuser', ' TESTING', ' Vendor', ' Oracle', ' Driver Type', 'thin', ' Server', '', ' Port Number', 1521 ) conn = Instance: ' TESTDB' User Name: 'testuser' Driver: [] URL: [] Constructor: [1x1 com.mathworks.toolbox.database.database Connect] Message: [1x142 char] ..lang. I am trying to access the clob datatype for oracle n mysql.DB2XAData Source Hi, I want to get connection to a DB2 database using the driver db2 I have also included 'db2java.zip' in the classpath. Database Error.throw Sql Exception(Database :226) at driver. OS: HP-UX 11.0 5200-005 Java: An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the VM. If this was a bug, is there any point in reporting it to IBM? Storing time values via jdbc thin driver Hi, I have an Oracle 9.2 database. The weirdeist thing is that this behaviour only occurs sometimes, all other times the records are loaded correctly. Oracle Result String(Oracle Result Set.java:1482) at org.apache. Floating Java Format String with Oracle driver I've run into a problem reading values from a couple of rows in our database.Unexpected Signal : 11 occurred at PC=0x54F58 Function=Mem Free Ptr Current Java thread: "Thread-0" prio=6 tid=40e73140 nid=14 lwp_id=2350 runnable [0x6ce67000..0x6ce674 c0] at Delegating Result String(Delegating Result Set.java:155) If anybody already had the same problem, please let me know. I've created a piece of code to reproduce the problem. Result Set result Set = statement.execute Query("select * from iocurrent where ioid = " io Id); if (result Set.next()) The value in the field causing the problem is not null. Oracle 9i JDBC Thin Drivers & Top Link Does anybody know of any issues regarding the use of Oracle 9i (thin) JDBC drivers with a J2EE application that uses Top Link Ver 3.6.4. I am experiencing problems around adding/ updating/ reading fields with a Date/ Timestamp attribute. Assuming you actually have an installed Oracle JDBC driver (which could also be downloaded separately from OTN) ...But I am getting the following xception javax.servlet. Oracle Result Set Clob(Ljava/lang/String;)Ljava/sql/Clob; org.apache.jasper.runtime. Page Context Handle Page Exception(Page Context Impl.java:830) org.apache.jasper.runtime. Oracle 10g Express jdbc thin driver set String() problem Hi I installed Oracle 10g Express and created a simple table and added data.Page Context Impl.handle Page Exception(Page Context Impl.java:763) org. Http Servlet.service(Http Servlet.java:860) sun.reflect. Generated Method Accessor83.invoke(Unknown Source) sun.reflect. Delegating Method Accessor Impl.invoke(Delegating Method Accessor Impl.java:25) reflect. As Privileged(Subject.java:517) org.apache.catalina.security. Security Util.execute(Security Util.java:282) org.apache.catalina.security. LOGIN I am connecting to the database through Oracle thin jdbc driver.

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