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In fact, the scandal at the 25th Seoul Music Awards last January involved co-host Jun Hyun Moo making EXID member Hani cry onstage after he playfully teased her about having a boyfriend by saying that she looked , or “elegant,” a play on her boyfriend’s name, Junsu.

In other cases, it’s not etiquette that’s required so much as absolute submissiveness to male authority.

In the 2015 track “Crazy Dog,” for example, female artist Yezi raps, “jacking off while watching my breast shot gifs, gripping a rag in one hand, typing on the keyboard with the other, no matter how much you diss me, you can’t console yourself.” Nevertheless, slut-shaming remains a societal mainstay, as does the infantilization of female pop idols.

At one point, host Kyuhyun threatened to ruin her, and she broke down crying.

But, because she dresses like a child in the video, rather than spark a national dialogue about the pedophiliac overtones of dressing grown women like schoolgirls, instead she was accused of using pedophiliac imagery to sell records.

Some groups do indeed consciously cling to their virginal image.

The hosts then demanded that her bandmate, Kang Ji Young, make coquettish faces for them.

When she declined, host Kim Gura shouted at her and, eventually, she too began to cry.

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