Dating rich men in toronto

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Let’s take the most extreme case, because it likely happens more often that you’d imagine.If you disagree, you haven’t seen the extent people will go to, in order to impress someone rich.

Just as you get ready to make a daring move, you overhear some girls whispering, “that’s the _________ player for ___________ team.” Now your thinking, “OMG. I better turn it up another notch.” Now, if this is really what you are thinking, you’re a pretty confident person.

If you weren’t you would have already decided that he’s way out of your league and that you would rather not embarrass yourself.

If you are this confident, you might do one of the following things: A) Walk right up to him, introduce yourself, and ask for his number B) Begin dancing seductively in his direction C) Go to the bathroom, slip off your panties, walk past him and drop them into the pocket of his Armani blazer.

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